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The Taizhou national ship export base (hereinafter referred to Taizhou ship base) is located in the middle of Jiangsu Province, the north shore of the Yangtze River. After years of development, the the Taizhou ship industry has to grow and develop, the main customer base has been transformed into small and medium-sized shipowners world famous big shipowners become the mainstream of the international shipbuilding market is an important new force. This indicator in terms of shipbuilding capacity, Taizhou has become the country's second largest after Shanghai shipbuilding base.

Ship base in Taizhou Total industrial enterprises above-scale ship more than 80 ocean-going vessels, 12. Taizhou ship base adhere to the strategy of differentiation, branding, international development, and to promote the rapid growth of the shipbuilding enterprises. Leading enterprises in the new century shipbuilding output value, profits and taxes breakdown of three of the national shipbuilding enterprises, a breakdown of the nation's first five New Yangzi Shipbuilding output value, profits and taxes, two Oriental Heavy Industries, ports, ships, blessing ship are bit top 30 out of the shipbuilding enterprises. Focus on shipbuilding enterprises adhere dislocation development, New Century Shipbuilding and medium-sized bulk carriers, oil tankers, container ships in the New Yangzi Shipbuilding, Oriental Heavy Lifting Engineering ship, multipurpose vessels with a strong competitive advantage in the international market, and the formation of the brand.

The Taizhou ship base within a number of shipbuilding enterprises jointly established research institutes at home and abroad Ship Design and Research Institute, New Century Shipbuilding, New Yangzi Shipbuilding Research Institute set up a ship in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, the first foreign Sanfu ship was set up in cooperation with the University of Nottingham R & D institutions. Through continuous research and innovation, the of Taizhou base in the field of high-tech, high value-added shipbuilding walk in the forefront of the domestic. New Century Shipbuilding self-developed 32-ton supertanker and 10 million tons of chemical tankers, LNG liquefied gas carriers are developed in co-operation with foreign design companies. New Yangzi Shipbuilding and Shanghai 708 cooperation to overcome the million cases of class container ship technical difficulties, currently the world already operators of the South Korean-made million boxes boat comparison, this type of ship upload box amount increased by 10%, fuel consumption and reduce 20% emissions targets to reduce 20 %. The Taizhou revitalization ship with China Heavy Industries joint development and production of the 5000 square / h cutter suction dredger to break the technological monopoly of foreign counterparts in this field for a long time, to become the first one to have the entire independent intellectual property rights of marine dredging ship.

Capital markets become Taizhou ship base for the development of the "accelerator". Successfully listed Yangzijiang Shipbuilding in Singapore in 2007, 5.5 billion yuan of funds raised, to become our largest market capitalization in Singapore enterprise; 2010 Yangzijiang Shipbuilding's successful listing in Taiwan, mainland enterprises to Taiwan listed first single. Eastern Heavy Industry is listed in Singapore, GPEL listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Yaxing anchor chain in the Shanghai A-share listing. New Century Shipbuilding number of enterprises are also actively seek listing.

In Taizhou ship base ship supporting industry started early, rapid development, the emergence of a the anchor chain Yaxing Aetna power, Greens boiler number of key enterprises. Yaxing anchor chain is the world's largest chain cable production base, the third-largest offshore platform mooring chain production base. Antai Power German MAN company technology to produce low-speed marine diesel engine, marking China's private enterprises began to get involved in the ship cardiac manufacturing. Taizhou ship base has a production capacity of almost all marine fittings, in addition to the whole marine navigator and communications equipment machine outside the ship's local matching rate of 60%.

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Jiangsu shangqi Group Co.,Ltd Motor, Forklift, Multifunctional agricultural loaders, Rotary Drilling Rig, Tamping machine
Jiangsu Dazhong Electric Motor Co.,Ltd. all types of AC/DC motors
Jiangsu Sanjiang Electric Group Co., LTD. Motor
Jiangsu Asian Star Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. anchor chains and mooring chain
New Century Shipbuilding Co., Ltd 80K/11.5K/17.6K DWT bulk carrier, 7.34K/11.4K/16.3K/320K DWT oil tanker, 4250TEU container, 7.45K chemical tanker, etc
Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Eastern Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Bulk Carrier, Oil Tanker, Container