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By the end of 2011 the city of auto parts production has more than 600 enterprises, individual industrial and commercial businesses more than 300. Last year, the city of auto parts production capacity reached 18000000000 yuan, total industrial sales of 20%; foreign trade value close to $400000000, of which export 150000000 U.S. dollars, supporting domestic host plant exports 250000000 U.S. dollars, the number of employees more than 5 thousand people. City auto parts main products cover bumper, dashboard, hub, interior parts, motor, fan, radiator, small tank, wiring harness, the airbag and the total control system, more than 400 kinds of motorcycle muffler. In the domestic counterparts in the matching ability, and occupy a strong market share. At present, our city has many auto parts enterprises and Shanghai general, Beiqi Futian, Guangzhou Mazda, FAW, Hainan Honda and Sanqi, Alto, Xiali, mass, Yuejin, Geely, JAC, Yutong, Chinese, Hafei, such as dragon vehicle manufacturers supporting the establishment of a stable and cooperative system.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Daicel safety system ( Jiangsu) Company Limited Automobile safety airbag gas generator and its components and ingredients
Darewheel manufacturing company limited Aluminum alloy wheels
Jiangsu Yuantong auto parts Co.,Ltd. Aluminum alloy wheels, sports car, fuel Bicycle
Jiangsu Wenguang vehicle accessories Ltd. Lights, car interiors, precision stamping parts, auto mould system
Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Company Limited. All types of motor vehicle, the door electric glass lifter assembly, windscreen washers, passenger car with eddy current retarder, fuel oil heater
Jiangsu Xinquan car accessories limited company In the high-end car dashboard, door panel and other accessories
Jiangsu Xinchang Auto Parts Company Limited Automotive interiors
Jiangsu Kawei auto industry group limited company Auto lamps, plastic parts, sheet metal and SUV vehicle, fire truck
Danyang Huayang headlight limited company Auto spotlights, fog lamps and car mirror series
Jiangsu Dexiang polyurethane plastic limited company Auto parts, automotive plastic parts, car seat, plastic car parts, car seat and all kinds of engineering machinery, lawn mower, motorcycle saddle and seat