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Power tool industry is a rising feature industry in Qidong, and also the advantage industry with largest development potentials in Qidong. In April 2008, Qidong was named Jiangsu Power Tool Export Base by Jiangsu Deport of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation and Jiangsu Department of Finance.

Qidong power tool industry started in late 1970's. After over 20 years' development, it has realized the shift from repair and maintenance to manufacturing and marketing. By the end of 2007, there were 278 power tool enterprises and 380 self-employed households, including 165 manufacturing enterprises, and there were 86 enterprises whose annual sales exceeded 20 million RMB yuan. Over 40,000 salesmen from push sales outside of Qidong, selling power tools 18 billion RMB yuan, accounting for 60% market share of China. There are 95 main power tool enterprises, with fixed assets of 5 million RMB yuan each, with 3882 sets of complete plants of power tool manufacturing equipment, able to produce 1300 power tool parts and fittings and 150 kinds of whole machine. In 2007, power tool manufacturing enterprises in Qidong realized sales of 7.6 billion RMB yuan (including export of 55 million USD) and gross profits of 1.08 billion RMB yuan. In 2007, there were 12 enterprises whose sales exceeded 100 million RMB yuan and 5 enterprises whose gross profits exceeded 50 million RMB yuan. By the end of June 2008, Qidong power tool industry realized export of 14.26 million, and sales accounted for 38% of that of main enterprises in the city. Now, Qidong has 253 registered trade marks of power tools, including 23 famous trade marks of Nantong, 21 famous brands of Nantong, 12 famous trade marks of Jiangsu, 10 famous brands of Jiangsu. Dongcheng Company and Guoqiang Company are applying for China Famous Trade Marks for their "Dongcheng" and "Guoqiang". "Dongcheng" and "DCA" of Dongcheng Company, "Guoqiang" and "ACE" of Guoqiang Company, "Victory" of Kailida Company, "Jiadelong" of Jiadelong Company, "GXP" of Delicacy Company have been registered in over 30 Madrid Treaty Countries. On Jan. 5th, 2008, 8 main series products of both Dongcheng Company and Guoqiang Company were named inspection-exemption products of China by CIQ, which was the first case in Jiangsu power tool industry. Now, 60% power tool manufacturing enterprises have passed ISO9000 certification, 49% enterprises have passed CCC certification, 15% enterprises have passed CE, UL and other product certification. Qidong power tool enterprises have won 25 novelty patents and 108 appearance design patents.

Qidong was named "China Power Tool Industry Base" by China Electric Apparatus Association, and Qidong Tianfen Power Tool Town was named "China Power Tool First Town" in Dec. 2005.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Jiangsu Dongcheng Power Tools Co., Ltd. Power Tools Dongcheng DCA
Jiangsu Guoqiang Tools Co., Ltd. Power Tools GQ ACE
Jiangsu Delicacy Electrical Tools Co., Ltd. Power Tools GXP
Jiangsu Hongyu Power Tools Co., Ltd. Power Tools JDR
Nantong Victory Power Tools Limited Company Power Tools Victory