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Jiangsu Provincial Export-oriented Base of Oilfield Equipment


Our county was awarded the title of Jiangsu Provincial Export-oriented Base of Oilfield Equipment in the year of 2010, As of the end of 2011, for its achievements in the entire oilfield equipment industry of a total sales volume of 130 million RMB yuan and of a total profit and tax earning of 890 million RMB yuan, with respective increases of 34% and 16.2% in comparison with those of the previous year; hence the top ranking among all the manufacturing industries in the county, resulted from its actual sales volume, profit earning and taxation as well as its proportion in the gross industrial output value. Currently, the Base consists of over 150 enterprises with combined fixed assets of 6000 million RMB yuan and total employment of over 20,000 people, well established in 3 distinctive categories of series products, namely, oilfield valves, oilfield well-head devices and hydraulic power sets. Development of the Base also plays an important radiating and leading part in pushing forward consistant improvement on dependant auxiliary industries and extension of the industrial chains. The top 13 companies, including Xinde, Jiulong, Hongda, Xianzhong, Sanyi, Teda Pipes and Teda Drilling achieved separately a yearly turnover exceeding 200 million RMB yuan; specifically, the yearly turnover of Xinde, Jiulong and Hongda among the above exceeded 500 million RMB yuan respectively. as many as 13 oilfield equipment companies in our county were recognized as High & New Technology-Intensive Enterprises; Hongda Company was authorized to be Provincial Enterprise Technology Center; and Sanyi Company was authorized to be Provincial Engineering Research Center. Xianzhong, Hongda, Sanyi and Huaye Companies obtained the title of Provincial Top Brand for their products. Teda Company made a successful trademark registration of Teda Brand in USA. Xianzhong Company filed a patent application for an invention of gate valve applied to chemical industry and nuclear power. The oilfield equipment industry comes to rank high with the vital growth sectors in terms of export trade in our county, with a total outcome reached in 2011of nearly 100 million USD in export value, increased by 41% comparatively, accounting for 48% of the gross export value of our county. Furthermore, the oildfield equipment industry of our county is taking a leading position in terms of export value in the same business line nation wide, accounting for approximately 4% in comparison with exported products of the same category.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Jianhu County Hongda Valve & Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd valve, choke & kill manifold, christmas wellhead, casinghead
Jiangsu Jiulong Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd BallValve, PlateValve, GateValve, CheckValve, Christmastree
Jiangsu Xinde Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd Drilling Rig, Mud Pumps, Drill thru Equipment , Choke & completion , choke & kill manifold, Mud-Gas Separator
Yancheng Sanyi Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd. wellhead, choke & kill manifold , stand-pipe manifold, Bop, Valve
YanCheng Teda Drilling And Production Equipment Co., Ltd PowerTong, Casingtong, Spinner
JiangSu HuanYu Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd Forged steel valves, CheckValve, Butterly Valve
Jiangsu Xianzhong Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd. Wellhead & X mas tree Manifold Blowout Preventor Valve
Jiangsu Yangbiao Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd Oil/gas production wellhead assemblies, Valves