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Jiangsu Province Export Base of Construction Machinery


Jiangsu Province Export Base of Construction Machinery boasts a cluster of large and medium-sized leading enterprises as well as a group of science and technology-oriented private enterprises of small and medium scale with a large production, advanced technologies and equipments, a complete range of articles, and a high annual sales record. Epitomized by Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, construction machinery is one of Xuzhou's mainstay industries with development priority granted by the municipal government.

Its export products cover 9 categories of complete machines including lifting machinery, road-building machinery, compaction machinery, etc., along with over 100 kinds of key parts and components such as engine, structure part, hydraulic part, cab, etc. Some of the products occupy a leading role in domestic market or an advanced position in international market, exported to over 130 countries and regions.

In the year of 2008, the Base has achieved a gross output of 45.34b RMB and export of 836m USD, performing a vital function in the development of regional economy.

So far the Base has received a series of honors conferred by National Ministry of Science and Technology, National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Development and Reform Commission of Jiangsu Province, including Specialty Industry Base of Construction Machinery of National Torch Plan, Demonstration Base of Construction Machinery of China's New Industrialization Program, Jiangsu (Xuzhou) Industrial Base of Artificial Intelligence Construction Machinery, Jiangsu (Xuzhou) Industrial Park of Construction Machinery, and Jiangsu Province Base of Specialty Industry of Construction Machinery.

In the coming 3 to 5 years, following the planning and arrangement of Jiangsu Province Department of Commerce and Municipal Government of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province Export Base of Construction Machinery is going to put great emphasis on the orientation featuring high-end, agglomeration and specialty, focus on the high-end manufacturing stages, increase the added value of export products and market share, enhance its competitiveness in export, struggling to maintain its leading position in development scale, technological advantage, brand effect, and other aspects in the same domestic trade, strengthen its role in demonstrating, and forge Construction Machinery Hub with the greatest competitiveness and influence in China and even in the world by the year of 2012.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Construction Hoisting Machinery, Road Construction Machinery, Road and Maintenance Machinery, Compaction Machinery, Combination Excavator and Hauler, Heavy Trucks, Overhead Fire Equipments, Special Chassis for Construction Machinery, Drive Axle, Slewing Bearings, Hydraulic Components, Other Basic Parts and Components XCMG
Xuzhou Handler Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. Aerial Work Platforms, Concrete Pumps HANDLER
Xuzhou But Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Buckets and Grabs for Excavators, Loader Buckets, Bulldozer Shovels BUT
Xuzhou Globe-Reach Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Thin, Medium, and Thick Plate Structure Parts for Construction Machines SMF
Jiangsu Traudo Air-Condition Co., Ltd. Hydraulic Drives for Construction Vehicles, Electrically-Driven Air-Conditioner, Program-Controlled Air-Conditioners with Air-Duct for Construction Vehicles  
Xuzhou Bohui Torque-Machine Co., Ltd. Torque-Machine TRM
Xuzhou Dongyue Machinery Co., Ltd. Large Parts and Accessories of Construction Machinery  
Xuzhou Liebherr Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. Concrete Batching Plants, Towed Concrete Pumps, Cement Recycling Stations LIEBHERR
Caterpillar Xuzhou Limited Hydraulic Excavators, Crawler-Type Bulldozers, Other Parts and Components for Earth-Moving and Construction Machinery CATERPILLAR