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In 2008, Jiangyin textile industry realized a total amount of exports of USD 649 million, accounting for 7.38% in the total exports of Jiangyin. Its output value reached RMB 55, 600 million Yuan with 56, 000 employees. Most key enterprises have passed the system of authentication of quality\environment and other industry certification. Jiangyin has participated in making national standards in 71 items which were admitted by the Standardization Administration. Now, Jiangyin has 32 export name-brands including 10 textile ones. More than 280 textile enterprises have upgraded their industry and innovated their technique. Now, Jiangyin has 6 textile research institutions and 5 public technique sevice platforms. Six textile companies are listed in China's A Share market in "Jiangyin Module", and make them more competitive through the capital management. At the same time, Jiangyin is entitled as Textile Industry Base of China, Zhutang town is awarded "Chinese Renowned Textile Town", while Zhouzhuang is awarded as "Jiangsu Renowned Chemical Fiber & Textile Town".

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Jiangsu Sunshine Group Vigoureux Yarn, Worsted Fabric, Woollen Goods Sunshine, Venetia
Heilan Group Worsted Fabric, Suit, Overcoat Sancanal, AutaSon, LaVico
Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Industry Co., Ltd. Polyester Staple Fiber, Dyeing and Printing Cloth, Viscose Staple Fiber Sanfangxiang
Jiangsu Nijiaxiang Group Co., Ltd. Ring Spinning, Compact Spinning, Combed Cotton, Semi-Combed Yarn, Slub Yarn  
Jiangyin City Shencheng Group Co., Ltd. Cotton Yarn, Polyester/Cotton, Dyeing and Printing, Knitted Apparel  
Jiangsu Huaxicun Co., Ltd. Worsted Fabric, Textile Huaxicun
Jiangyin City Huafu Textile Garments Co., Ltd. Elastic Fabric, All Cotton, Checks, Stripes, Oxford Cloth  
Jiangyin Longhua No.5 Dyeing and Weaving Co., Ltd. Yarn Dyeing, Colored-Woven Fabric, Downstream Processing, Dyed Goods, Dyed Sheeting, Clothing AVER
Jiangyin Sanjiang Textile Co., Ltd. High Counts\High Density\Superior Poplin\Colored Woven Material and Chemical Fiber Fabric  
Jiang Yin Wan Run Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. Cotton Articles, High-Count\High-Density Polyester-Mixed Cotton Varieties, Hemp-Mixed Cototn Series WR