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Textile and clothing industry in Changshu takes up an important part in the city's economy. Changshu International Clothing Business City is a well-known textile and clothing business center. The total output value of clothing and textile industry reaches 33 billion RMB in 2008. Changshu has 5, 000 enterprises in textile and clothing industry. The export value of the textile and clothing reaches 1.915 billion dollars and the export value of clothing reaches 826 million dollars in 2008. There are more than 200, 000 people working in the industry which produces 500 million pieces of garments.

Changshu has a lot of well-known clothing brands such as world brand "BOSIDENG", 9 China top brands such as "BOSIDENG", "SNOW FLYING", "KANGBO", "XUEYUNPIAO", "CHERICOM", "MENGLAN" and "FANSKY", 48 famous trademarks of China such as "LONGDAFEI", "ZHOUYAN", "DAHONGYING", "XUEYUNPIAO", "SHENGKELONG", "DINUOLANDUN" and so on... "MENGLAN" and "ZIJINHUA" have received the honor of "China export top brands specially cultivated by the Ministry of Commerce".

Changshu is well known as the hometown of clothing industry. It has received the honors of "China Textile Industry Base" and "China Famous City of Leisure Garments".

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Bosideng International Holdings Limited Down Apparel Products BOSIDENG
Jiangsu Menglan Group Bedding MENGLAN
Jiangsu Shengkelang Fashion Co., Ltd. Shirt, Jacket, Suit SHENGKELANG
Jiangsu Zhouyan Fashion Co., Ltd. Jacket, Coats, Dust Coat ZHOUYAN