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Innovation Base for Biological and Medical Industry (Taizhou)


Taizhou Science and Technology (Biological and Medical Industry) Commercial Innovation Base covers 20 square kilometers and has "one city and five zones" among which China Medical City (CMC) is the nuclear zone of the Base. Presently, there are more than 46 famous researching institutions and universities have entered CMC, such as California University QB3, Houston Medicine Center, Institute of Biophysics Chinese Academy Sciences, China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, and Nanjing University. Some companies like US Epitomics Inc. formally entered CMC and many other 52 medicine manufacturing and serving enterprises entered CMC. The enterprises successively applied 108 productions including 6 kinds of international original drug, 31 kinds of new national Class I drug. More than half of the new drugs have been approved by national therapeutical authorities. Some projects, such as biology chip and ultrasound therapy apparatus, have already been put into manufacture. The Base has 5 functional branch zones as follows: scientific research development, manufacture, exhibition and trade, health and medical treatment, and matching service. The CMC has been focusing on the 5 platforms of medicine research and development, trade, manufacture, intellectual and information. Also, it has been actively providing 5 supporting service systems of the IP protection, undertaking financing, policy consultation, new medicine application, and information sharing. The Base has 3 post-doctoral research centers, 1 national science and technology service center, 1 national business technology development center, 1 national key laboratory, 3 provincial key research institutions, and 25 pharmaceutical research institutions. In the year 2007, the sales of the Base reached 20 billion Yuan.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Berkeley Biotech Inc. Chip Outsourcing Service Berkeley
Dynamic Throughput Inc. Nano SERS1000 DT
New Summit Biopharma Inc. CRO Service New Summit Biopharma
Taizhou Kangzheng Biotech Co., Ltd. The small molecules ultramicro-technique for food safety monitoring, The targeted nanosized medicines delivery system for cancer therapy Kangzheng
Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group Antibiotic, digestive system medicine, circulatory system medicine, anticancer medicine, relieving fever and easing pain medicine Huyou
Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Vitamin C and the series, nutrition and health products Aland
SZYY Group Pharmaceutical Limited Chinese and Western medicine preparation Suzhong
Jumpcan Medicines Group Cardiovascular, Digestive System, Nutrition, Anti-infection, Anaesthesia, Sedation and Deintoxication Jumpcan
Jiangsu Zhongdan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Research and Develop Preparations, Crude Drug and Intermediate of Medicine Meiyi Zhongdan Meikang Meijia
T-MAB, Biotechnology Anti-VEGF Therapeutic Momoclonal Antibody (TK001)
Anti-IL-1 Therapeutic Momoclonal Antibody (TK002)
Anti-RANKL Therapeutic Momoclonal Antibody (TK003)