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Rudong is the sea county in Jiangsu with almost 2,000,000 mu sea land. The aquatic cultivation covers 615,000 mu, in which the sea weed holds 120,000 mu while the clam holds 360,000mu. The annual export for aquatic products is 7000 tons, the live seaweed is about 40000 tons which is 60% of the total yield in China ; the clam is about 24000tons which is 70% of the total output in China. The processing for sea products springs up. In Rudong, there are about 162 enterprises in this business. Total they have 170 primary seaweed processing lines, 15 secondary seaweed processing lines and 5 clam deep processing lines. In the year of 2006 and 2007, the export volume reaches USD27, 822,000 and 27,162,000.They carry out the management mode of "association+company+base+standarization", and establish the traceable quality system, form into BRAND advantage. The backbone enterprises have passed ISO9001, HACCP, QS, FDA certification early or late. And 7 are ranked as healthy agricultural products by Ministry of Agriculture, 10 have their own famous brand. Furthermore, 100 are up to the Commodity Inspection standard registration. Rudong County sets up the leading group specializing the foundation for the sea food export base, and draws up & issues (Advice regarding to speed up the development of high efficiency agricultural and fishery scaled producing), compiles the Eleventh 5-years plan for the development of seaweed and clam, creates a public platform dragoned by seaweed & clam association, entrusted by the seaweed market, so as to supply the guarantee to increase the income for the peasants and beneficiate the agriculture and fishery.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Nantong Haida Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. Dried Seaweed, Roasted Seaweed, Seasoned Seaweed TONGGUANG
Nantong Xiehe Food Co., Ltd. Dried Seaweed, Roasted Seaweed, Seasoned Seaweed, Clam YIDUO
Nantong Haiwang Food Co., Ltd. Dried Seaweed, Roasted Seaweed SEA ANGEL
Rudong Changyu Seaweed Co., Ltd. Roasted Seaweed
Nantong Anxin Seaweed Co., Ltd. Dried Seaweed, Roasted Seaweed HAICHANG
Nantong Guanqun Aquatic Products and Food Co., Ltd. Roasted Seaweed GUANQUN
Nantong Julong Aquatic Cultivation Co., Ltd. Live Clam
Nantong Henshen Aquatic Products and Food Co., Ltd. Live Clam
Nantong Best Aquatic Products and Food Co., Ltd. Live Clam, Freezing Vacuum Clam, Freezing Boiled Sinonovacula
Nantong Hende Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. Live Clam