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With a long history, a strong foundation and obvious clusters advantages in ceramics industry, Yixing enjoys the reputation of Ancient pottery capital' and is the concentrated production base with the most ceramic categories, most complete varieties and the strongest supporting collaboration. Yixing has formally been awarded. Jiangsu Ceramics Export-base' by Jiangsu Commerce Department and Finance Department.

After years of development, ceramics has become one of the significant industries to promote economic and social development in Yixing. It is an integral part of Yixing's economy, and the most dignified urban context and the brightest city card of Yixing as well.

The main products are handicraft ceramics, daily-used ceramics and garden ceramics and building ceramics and as well as industry ceramics, the five categories with 8, 000 of varieties of goods, of which purple, painted pottery, jun pottery, fine pottery and celadon have distinctive characteristics, and are honored. Five Golden Flowers' as both practical value and ornamental value for collection.

By 2008, there have been 1, 000-plus ceramics-making enterprises with 60, 000 or so and 7.2 billion yuan of industrial sales revenue, of which 6 enterprises' revenue exceeded hundred million. Ceramics industry revenue accounted for 4.51% of total city's economy with a profit of 420 million yuan, and turned over tax 318 million yuan, with ceramics exports reaching 1.48 billion yuan of which export reached 161 million U.S. Dollars with an increase of 8.31% and exports accounting for 22.4% of sales revenue.

Ceramics, pottery, pottery culture has always been an important content of Yixing. The foundation of Jiangsu Ceramics Export-base is an opportunity for Yixing to adhere to technology progress, accelerate platform construction and as always attach importance to the ceramic industry and make good start of ceramic brand, promote ceramic culture and highlight the status of Pottery Capital.

Company List

Company Name Main Products Brand
Jiangsu Yixing Fine Pottery Co., Ltd. Tableware, Tea Set yinyu
Yixing Xinwei Leeshing Refractroy Materials Co., Ltd. Corhart xinwei
Yixing United Ceramics Co., Ltd. Splitting Tile,Restore Floor Tile  
Yixing East Petroleum Supporting Agent Co., Ltd. Ceramsite Proppant  
Yixing Huafeng Ceramics Co., Ltd. Tableware, Tea set  
Chengyang Ceramic Co., Ltd. Yixing China Glazed Pottery Flowerpot  
Jiangsu Province Yixing Nonmetallic Chemical Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. Honeycomb Ceramics  
Wuxi Municipal South Refractory Co., Ltd. Fireproofing  
Yixing Morgan Thermal Ceramics Co., Ltd. Heat Insulating Tile TJM
Yixing Jinfan Ceramics Co., Ltd. Tableware  
Jiangsu Baifu Color Glaze Materials Co., Ltd. Ceramics Under Glaze Color  
Wuxi Linfeng Ceramics Co., Ltd. Splitting Tile, Glazed Pottery Flowerpot  
Jiangsu Province Ceramics Research Institute Co., Ltd. Engineering Ceramics, Tableware, Pottery Flower Pot